This post is about the upcoming WordPress AMA with Jackie Jimenez at InnovateWP. Jackie is hosting an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A on Google+ Tonight at 7PM EST. Also featured is a testimonial from Jason Mazier at and Mazier Media.

See you TONIGHT! Join me at 7PM EST as I’m hosting the first +Innovate WP AMA! Ask me Anything about Marketing with WordPress. Google Hangout!

Submit your questions with the hashtag #InnovateWP  on:


See you Tonight at 7PM! Join the Event Page 

Upcoming Webinar: July 29th – more info at

Video Testimonial from Jason Mazier and the devLatino Podcast:

About Jason Mazier and devLatino: Hey, my name is Jason Mazier. I decided to start this devLatino journey simply as a curiosity. The idea started when I was starting up my marketing practice. I would read up on latest digital marketing trends, learn from top online experts, got involved with the local WordPress community (shout-out to WPMIA) and began networking with loads of smart people. People who were bloggers, marketers, social media experts, developers, engineers, photographers, you name it. I really enjoy networking and being around lots of smart people. But as it’s been well documented this can be a space that is dominated by white males. But surely, there has to be Latinos and Latinas that are making waves in technology. So my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to start a journey about learning and connecting with other Latinos working in technology. More info on

About Jackie Jimenez: The founder of InnovateWP, a WordPress training program that helps people get started with WordPress online. InnovateWP is comprised of Webinars, 1 on 1 trainings, and Seminars. More info on

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