After some thought and innovative creative revelations, I have decided to launch “Innovate WordPress”.

Innovate WordPress - launching Nov '13

What is Innovate WordPress, you Ask?

Well, lovely readers, it is a WordPress training program for the business owner to learn how to properly use WordPress. In this training, I offer flexible options through video and screen sharing, in person one-on-one trainings, and workshops.

How Do I Sign Up?

Glad you asked. You see that form below? Click it & enter your email, you’ll sign up for the newsletter that’s coming your way soon. It will be full of tips and tricks on WordPress plugins, themes, best practices and the like. Once the “Innovate WordPress” program launches, you’ll be first to know about it. You may even get a hefty discount. So, you probably want to fill out that form. Or below. Yeah, it’s just so tempting. Just. Do. It.

Who Are You?

Most of you know me if you’re a regular…but if you don’t know me:

I am the Co-Organizer of the South Florida WordPress Meetup Group and also WordCamp Miami. I have been using WordPress for over 5 years now and also know how to drive quality website traffic through my marketing experience.

I have presented at:

VIDEO: YouTube Channel

Topics included integrating social media into the marketing mix, WordPress Plugins to Enhance Your Website and Best Practices with WordPress to name a few. At WordCamp Miami, I was privileged to sit on a panel with Lisa Sabin-Wilson, who is the author of WordPress for Dummies. Life is good.

What Will I Learn from “Innovate WordPress”?

You guys and gals are so smart, you ask the right questions. Or maybe I’m writing them for you.

What you will learn is how to properly manage a WordPress site. Many of you come to me after your developer built the site, or have been burned in the past. Have no fear, Jackie is here! With the one-on-one trainings, should you choose to do that – you will learn how to optimize your site for speed, make it secure so those pesky spammers stop ruining your site, and SEO / Social Sharing options.

With my trainings, I’ve had many happy customers that are able to focus on their businesses because they’re not spending hours trying to figure out how to do things on WordPress. You’ll learn how to build a site, or how to manage your site, I often customize trainings for the end user. That’s just a tip of the iceberg.

So, kind readers, I suggest you Sign Up for the innovative happenings coming very soon to Innovate WP!

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